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About me


“Hi! I’m Anja – I am a qualified Strala Yoga guide living in Zurich, Switzerland – passionate about Strala Yoga, healthy living, nutrition, psychology and personal growth. Welcome to Yogablissvibes – the window to my yoga world and inspiration.”

My yoga journey


My yoga journey started with an Ashtanga Yoga class at a fitness studio at the age of twenty. Back then I was mainly focused on getting a physical workout to build strength and flexibility, which offered me a great contrast to my busy working live at the office. Since then, yoga has become a regular practice and an important part of my life. My experience with yoga includes many years of different yoga styles such as Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga as well as Yin Yang Yoga. This allowed me to meet different yoga teacher’s and to get useful insights into different yoga approaches. In 2016, I completed the Strala Yoga teacher training in New York with Strala Yoga founders Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor.

Some years after my college degree I found myself in a situation in which I did not feel very happy with my life anymore. My job did not give me any joy and some of the people I surrounded myself with did not do me well and I realized that the daily life that I was living did not match with my personality anymore which had a negative effect on my quality of life.

I started looking for more ease and lightness in my personal life.

Willing to change and improve my situation, I wanted to rediscover myself and reconnect with my intuition, feelings and emotions. I knew there must be more about yoga than just the physical workout or the aim to perform a perfect yoga pose. That was when I opened myself up to other styles and aspects of yoga. Then, I came across Strala Yoga, which caught my attention and aroused my curiosity immediately. I started to dive into Strala Yoga’s philosophy and practices, which made me realize that this new and revolutionary approach to yoga allowed me to be myself. For me this was the beginning of a new yoga journey. It all started on the yoga mat and made its way into my life and surroundings.

In today’s busy world stress and tension can lead to a disconnection from our inner middle and feelings. At this point we feel disconnected and often stop trusting our inner voice. Based on my own experience I am now convinced that if we find a way to reconnect with our intuition and feelings – great things will happen. For me, Strala Yoga is a way to become more aware of my needs and dreams in order to create a life I love and positively affect the environment around me.


I would like to thank Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor, the founders of Strala Yoga for doing what they love, for their support and for helping people all over the world to grow and to find ease.



My favorite quote

“If you don’t like where you are – move. You are not a tree.”

My belief and passion


Have you ever asked yourself what makes you happy? I personally think we should aim for sustainable happiness in life. Therefore, we should dare to ask ourselves what we actually love, fill our lives with passion, positive experiences, things we appreciate and people we love and who love us.


By attending my Strala Yoga class you are going to experience a gentle moving meditation fueled by your breath. I aim to guide you how to be present in your body while moving and how to find your flow. I would like to support you how to find ease and reconnect to your feelings and intuition. A strong and flexible body comes along with it, which is a nice side effect. 

Let’s move with ease – it’s all going to start on your yoga mat. I look forward to to meeting you there!



My Strala Yoga experience

“It all started on the mat and made it’s way to my life and surroundings
where great things started to happen.”